surprise320We are delighted that you want to find out more about The Story of You, an online exploration with Ria Sharon and Jen Lemen! We’ve provided a list of answers to common questions below.

What can I expect during the five weeks?
You’ll get an email in your inbox every weekday, along with an invitation to join in the discussion in a private online space.

Every day you get an important piece of information, inspiration or encouragement to loosen up your attachment to particular points of view that have been proven to keep you stuck and closed off to the people you want to understand the most… including yourself.

Once a week you’ll do a simple cut-and-paste, hands-on activity to help you translate what you’re learning from your head to your heart.

Along the way you’ll get little parts of your story back… the parts you’ve forgotten that will give you the strength you’ve been missing.

And before we close, you’ll learn how to apply the information, activities and stories you’ve been collecting to help you transform your most troublesome relationship into a situation where compassion and clarity can flourish and grow.

What’s included in the exploration?
During our time together, you’ll receive…
• 13 downloadable pdf exercises that you’re sure to come back to again and again
• weekly Q&A sessions that address your questions in specially recorded audios
• weekly audio kitchen table conversations where Ria and Jen share the stories about how these concepts and practices have and continue to change our lives.
• audio meditations that offer encouragement and facilitate your learning
• and, two exclusive interviews with dear friend and best selling author, Oriah Mountain Dreamer.

All of this means you’ll walk away with your own practical storyteller’s tool kit and a new understanding that will make all the difference in your approach to your life experiences.

I live outside the U.S., can I still sign up for this?
Yes, you may. We’d be delighted to have you.

Are there specific meeting times for this virtual exploration?
No. Everything during the six weeks is self-paced. There won’t be any set “meeting times.” We will post activities on specific days, but there won’t be any times when you need to be online to participate in a class or event. It’s total flexibility!

How much time does it take?
Each activity or reflection will take anywhere from 10-20 minutes to read or listen to. The amount of time you want to spend working with the material is entirely up to you.

What do you think about doing this with a friend or a group of friends?
This exploration is really about uncovering new perspectives that will transform your relationships with others. You’ll soon learn that the “story of you” is more like “the story of us,” so it would be perfect to sign up with a friend or as a group. If you’re taking it, we encourage you to participate in our online community.

Where do the sessions take place?
They take place anywhere you and your smart phone (or computer and internet connection) are. No need to go anywhere! No need to shower!

Do sessions meet at a specific day and time?
No. Just whenever you want to read a bit of inspiration and encouragement.

When does the session begin?
Session start dates are announced each time we offer the class at www.yourhopefulstory.com

How long do I have access to the material?
You’ll have lifetime access to the material! Concerned that you won’t be able to keep up during the five weeks? No worries! All the material is accessible directly from the emails and you’ll automatically get alumni passes to every session.

Can I share the material with a friend?
We would love for you to share this transformative experience with a friend in a way that honors both the investment you make to bring yourself to the table and our investment as facilitators in creating this technology. The best way to do that is to invite your friends to sign up with you! Or buy them a gift certificate.

Are gift certificates available?
Yes! You can buy gift certificates for any one of our current offerings. When you purchase a gift certificate, an email will be sent immediately to your recipient with a personalized message from you and the code they will need to sign up. Then they can sign up with their name and email address and confirm their subscription.

What forms of payment do you accept?
Our automated payment system takes Master Card, Visa and Discover. We do not take checks or cash.

I’m having technical difficulties. Can you help?
Yes, we can! Don’t be shy… give us a shout.

What is your refund/cancellation policy?
The Hopeful World Refund/Cancellation Policy is published here.



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