The Story of You

write320with Jen Lemen
and Ria Sharon

April 21 – May 23

What if you could write your life story — not the one you’ve lived until this point but the one you’re about to… and what if that life story is the one you truly want to live?

Let the latest brain research help you discover the real reason why you’ve been unable to write your own script until now, and boldly claim the narratives you need to write the most powerful and true version of you. Join seasoned storytellers and guides Jen Lemen and Ria Sharon as together they unravel what holds us back in our old stories and how cooperating with our natural way of thinking can be just the ticket to a more honest, effective, and connected you.

This light-hearted exploration includes fun, simple prompts, quick journaling exercises, mad lib style excavations and a playful dose of magic to help you uncover why you’re stuck… so you can move forward in your relationships, your work, and your life with more compassion, less judgment, and more hope. Each week builds on the next to give you the tools you need to transform any situation into a cohesive narrative where you can be proud of the story of your life and move forward in ways that bring light and possibility.

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When You Learn How to Tell the Story of You…

• Difficult relationships shift and open up to new perspectives and more loving possibilities.
• Points of pain from the past are infused with healing and hope.
• Unexplainable events become chapters in a bigger story that is yours to reshape for a hopeful future.
• Old patterns become revealed as opportunities for radical shifts and brave new choices.
• Anxiety and stress around certain people give way to curiosity and openness.
• Feelings of hopelessness and powerlessness fade as you begin to see your role as the hero of your story.
• Obsessive thinking can take a backseat to a more playful light approach to self-reflection and personal development.

We’ll Explore…

• how to identify the story you are telling yourself right now
• how that story is keeping you stuck
• how your storytelling brain works
• how your soul intervenes to make sure you get it right
• how to use simple storytelling tools to open yourself up to a whole new world of possibility.

enough320What You’ll Receive

• 30 powerful lessons from Jen and Ria published over 5-weeks that you can engage with at your own pace.
• The opportunity to interact with fellow participants around each lesson in the comments and private forum.
• Exercises and activities that will challenge and support you to embody your discoveries and learning
• The opportunity to interact with your guides through weekly Q&A’s.


• Five audios recorded specifically for each session
• Two exclusive 30-minute audio interviews with Oriah Mountain Dreamer, bestselling author and well known storyteller, share her insights on the power of story.
• 13 30-minute audio downloads to listen to on your computer, on your iPod, in your car, or in the comfort of your home.
• 13 Downloadable PDF delightful exercises weekly that help you explore your stories.

Your Storycatching Guides

guidesRia Sharon followed her own story across the globe from her birthplace in Southeast Asia to her current home in the Midwest. In examining her own story, Ria discovered the hidden narratives that have driven her through countless defining moments and too many relationships. She began a deep dive into the power of story and in The Story of You, she reveals what’s possible when we move through the stories of our lives with more consciousness and compassion.

A midlife crisis and international adventure took Jen Lemen on the ride of a lifetime, dismantling in the process everything she thought she knew about the story of her life and the trajectory of her future. This major unraveling lead to a crisis of faith that left Jen questioning her ability to move forward in a way that would bring hope and healing to herself and those she loved the most. Ria’s careful research and crafting of The Story of You lead Jen to a fresh perspective that gave her back the power she forgot and the hope she needed to see her story — past, present and future — in a whole new light.

Ria and Jen will help you examine the stories you tell as a vehicle for self-discovery and inspiration, as you wake up to the life that’s calling you.

What past participants are saying…

Story of You took me on a journey of self-discovery that became more intriguing with each exploration. By creating a safe haven, you allowed me to gently peel away the layers of my story and re-write it with kindness and compassion.

With your words, I become more aware of myself and those around me, I empathize when I think it’s right and I protect my treasure when it feels important. And sometimes, I just need to hear that everything is ok. That we are where we need to be. And you both are fabulous at that.

The space Jen and Ria have created is empowering. While people may be vulnerable, they are not whining and there is no woo-woo, fru-fru to the course. People don’t need more courses that encourage co-dependent bullshit. They need to own their story and I like that this course challenges you to think differently without having a pity party.

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